For the sake of archival, here is a (partial, in progress) list of events I have spoken at, in different capacities, as well as interviews I’ve taken part in.

For Red Hat

Talks – Public Speaking


EthCC (Ethereum Community Conference) Paris 2019 March 2019

“You Can’t Commoditise Trust”

A talk on the abuse of the notion of trust, especially “Zero Trust” in the blockchain ecosystem.


HP Discover 2018, Madrid – 27 Nov 2018

Panel on blockchain (“Get ready to unleash the power of enterprise-grade blockchain“) with 2 persons from HPE, one from Accenture and one from BlockApps.

Open FinTech Forum 2018, New York – 11 Oct 2018

When You Shouldn’t Use Blockchains (or Smart Contracts)

A talk about when to use, and especially not to use blockchains, addressing the problem of blockchains as a solution looking for a problem.
Prepared with Mike Bursell, based on this article.

Did I Say Anonymity? I Meant Fungibility

A talk about the importance of fungibility for cryptocurrencies, and more broadly for blockchains in general, and how (un)surprisingly the need for fungibility leads to requirements for anonymity in blockchain networks, bridging the gap between economic aspects and privacy aspects.

MPLS+SDN+NFV World Congress 2018 – 12 April 2018

Panel on blockchain and telecoms (Blockchain Technology Trends and Implications”) with 2 other participants ( Yaakov Stein, Chief Technology Officer for RAD and Jonathan Homa, Senior Director Portfolio Marketing for ECI Telecom).

For La Quadrature du Net



Sénat / French Senate – 9 Jul 2019

Commission d’enquête Souveraineté numérique – Audition conjointe des associations ISOC France, La Quadrature du Net et April sur les libertés numériques.

French Digital Sovereignty Committee of Inquiry – Joint hearing of ISOC France, La Quadrature du Net and April regarding digital freedoms.

Interviews / Media


France Culture (national French radio) – 4 Sep 2019

Segment on Facebook’s Libra, explaining technical details among which the consensus mechanism used.

franceinfo (national French radio) – 18 Jul 2019

Passage sur le Libra (cryptommonaie de Facebook) suite au G7 de Chantilly.

Segment on Libra (Facebook cryptocurrency) following the G7 in Chantilly.

Le Media TV – 8 Apr 2019

Facebook, Telegram, cryptomonnaies et libertés (Facebook est-il votre prochaine banque ?

(Facebook, Telegram, cryptocurrencies and freedoms (Is Facebook your next bank?))

  • Youtube version

Talks / Public Speaking


Présentation sur la neutralité du Net pour le FAI associatif FaiMaison.